Sunday, October 26, 2014

Mosaic Reviews - Wizzy Gizmo

     I was given a copy of 'Who Created Everything?' Audio CD. This is Episode 1 in the Wizzy Gizmo Old Testament Bible Series. This Audio Drama is a great Bible study tool. We listened to it in the car on our various trips around town. I had also planned on using it as a bedtime Bible story if we hadn't finished it during our car rides. It is available in CD and Digital Format or just in Digital format. My older car does not have a Mp3 jack so the CD was a great thing to have.

    It is very affordable - $14.99 for the CD/Digital version and $9.99 for the Digital version. There are also many samples to check out before your purchase - here. Created by Chris Del Aguila and Justins Cumnins (illustrator), this would be perfect for family devotions and paired with the companion book ($12.99 - here) would be a great homeschool curriculum addition for the child who learns best by hearing and reading at the same time. (I have three of those!)

    Even though my youngest is at the end of the target ages -  4 to 12 - all three boys enjoyed the story and the engaging characters.  They have studied Genesis 1 several times but this was a fresh fun look at it. I recently completed a college course on the Old Testament and enjoyed the story myself. Youngest thought Wizzy Gizmo was a lot like Doc Brown in 'Back to the Future' and liked Qwacky the best. He also wants his own Gizmovision. Knowing that he has an engineer mind, he just might do that very thing!

     In 'Who Created Everything?', we first meet Eli, who is new in town and is not looking forward to being the new kid at the beginning of summer. That is until he meets Olive in the park and the rest of the gang comes to tell them the exciting news - Wizzy Gizmo has finished his invention. They all rush to go and have a look. Here we meet Qwacky - the robot duck - and Pepe - the dog who likes to read. Wizzy explains he has finished the Gizmovision and decides to show them how it works. He choses the beginning - from the Bible - and the machine which can take them to the place inside of any book - takes them to the very beginning of time. The creation is a literal six day creation in the story and they are frightened by the darkness and then relived when God creates the light. During the trip through the six days, we find another of Wizzy's inventions - the Gizmoblaster vehicle which can travel in space and underwater. 

     As a parent, I really liked the approach of helping the listener/reader get a clear picture of what it must have looked like during the days of Creation. In particular I liked the way the question Eli asks - why God said - 'Let us create man in our image....' - is answered with a simple explanation of the Trinity. It is a difficult concept for an adult but the way Wizzy explains it to Eli made it clear for my boys. This is a well done, engaging series of Bible stories for children and I highly recommend the products.

    The second book in the series - 'In His Image' - continues the adventure through Genesis Chapter 2. It is only in book form at this time for $12.99. Other products include a Fast Track Bible Pack - a 24 card set to aid in the study of the New Testament ($14.99) and in the works is a 52 week devotional. All orders $25.00 and over qualify for free shipping.

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