Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Hello 2014! My One Word for the Year - Thankful

Last year was the first year I focused on One Word. 2013 was the year of Faith and I got plenty of opportunities to exercise that faith that God will always provide in every circumstance.

My husband was laid off from his job - he'd been with the same company with nine years and at that same time was scheduled for knee surgery. God provided - the surgery was covered with the severance package through a month's worth of paid benefits. God also provided the money for us to keep him on Cobra until we could see about the insurance for his new job.

Because the company was smaller the insurance was more than we could afford and I was having no luck on the healthcare exchange website. It appeared we were not eligible for a subsidy because his employer offered insurance - even if we couldn't afford it. We were not eligible for Medicaid. I thought we were stuck and would be entering the year uninsured.

A friend referred me to a wonderful insurance agent who helped me navigate and get us health care at a very affordable cost.

My brother moved to a new town and he did it all by himself. He also - thanks to our agent - will have health insurance for the first time in many years.

I distanced myself from just about everyone I knew - including our church and our new Pastor. I distanced myself from God. But God did not stop having faith in me and made sure I got His messages - in unlikely places - two funeral sermons that involved people dearly loved who died young.  I was moved to apologize to the Pastor and I've not been back to church as much as I would like due to chronic health issues but I'm hearing God there again.

I had times of fear and doubt in 2013, despite me wanting it to be a year where my Faith was strong and unwavering. But as usual, the joke was on me. It wasn't about me having unwavering Faith in God - it was God telling me He had unwavering Faith that I was His and I would make my way back.

He put Thankful in my head early in November. I'm quite the pessimist and I don't look at my blessings as much as I should. So every day for this year I will take time to be thankful for a blessing God has given me.

This week - I am thankful for family. This is a picture of my Daddy - he's the youngest boy there on the end in front of the truck (A Ford - no doubt) - and his brothers and his Daddy.  There were thirteen of them that lived to adulthood and seven were boys. These are my people. My roots. And I love them dearly.

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