Saturday, December 7, 2013

Mosaic Reviews - HelloFresh

So who wouldn't jump at the chance to try a delivery service that not only sends you fresh food but everything you need - including recipes - to make three meals?

In exchange for my review I was sent a 'Classic Box' of three meals via the weekly home delivery offered by HelloFresh. The cost of three meals is $69. per weekly shipment (The Veggie box is a bit cheaper). The service is not available in all areas so be sure to check before signing up. You have the choice between the 'Classic Box' and the 'Veggie Box' for two persons or four persons. Once you sign up then you view the menu for the coming week and make your selections of three meals from the five choices. Please be aware that HelloFresh cannot guarantee allergy free or cross contamination free products. I understand this can be a downside. We have no food allergies - or none that I was aware of until now (more on that later) - so it wasn't limiting our options as far as menu choices.

If you don't like the choices or are going out of town then you can pause your deliveries. The website is VERY easy to use and navigate. If you decide the service is not for you cancellation is also quick and easy via email. Do be aware of time deadlines for choosing or pausing your meals if you decide to continue with a subscription.

I was hugely impressed with the packaging of my box. There was no way anything in this box was going to get warm - it was surrounded by icepacks and very nicely insulated. Deliveries are via Fedex and this came on a Wednesday. 

I decided to make the Chicken Polpetti first and pulled out all the ingredients. 

I then followed the clear and step by step instructions on the great recipe cards. 

We had never tried ground chicken before so I was a bit worried about getting it done well enough - and I'm not a very good meatball maker - LOL.

The results were extremely yummy and there was plenty for Hubby and I for dinner and lunch the next day. This recipe was a keeper for sure.

Next I made the Shrimp and Chorizo Stew with Kale. Shrimp is a particular favorite of mine and I love stews especially with a bit of cold weather headed our way. 

The dish turned out well except that I discovered that I am allergic to Kale. No worries - DH just took it to work for lunch and enjoyed it.

Finally was the Spicy Thai Beef which I thought DH would enjoy. I'm do not like coconut so I made this for him to take to work for lunch.

This was not a particular hit but two out of three is what I consider a success. 

I confess that I do not like cooking with a lot of prep work involved. Both my husband and I like our dinner to be easy prep. But we really enjoyed cooking these dishes together (and eating them). I think this would be a great gift to send to friends and family that like to try new dishes or have just had an addition to their family or an illness.

HelloFresh has been a great company to work with! Please check them out:

Website - HelloFresh

To see what the team had to say about this product - and there are a lot of good recipes described with  100 reviewers with different weeks involved - click here.

I'm sad to say this is my last review for the Mosaic Review Team. I really enjoyed my time with them and this was a great way to end.

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