Sunday, November 3, 2013

Mosaic Reviews - See The Light Art Projects - Peaceful Seas

As part of the Mosaic Review Team we got to choose an Art Project DVD from See The Light.

 I chose 'Peaceful Seas' because we live next to the ocean.  In this lesson you will create a sea scene in the style of Winslow Homer - an American Artist whose mother was an artist herself that specialized in watercolors. Homer was taught by mother as a child and grew up to be a commercial artist and illustrator for Harper's Weekly. He vacationed in Massachusetts and that was where his love of sea scales started.  The mini biography was a great highlight of the lesson as were the way she weaves the Bible and Scripture into the lessons.
From the moment it arrived in the mail I was impressed - The DVD was broken down into four lessons and the time each required right on the DVD. The back of the DVD case listed the supplies needed and I was happy to see I had all of what was needed on hand. Almost all. I tried substituting some paper we already had and - just say no. Water color paper is needed. Trust me.

Even better was the enclosed letter detailing how to use See The Light Art Projects to create a half credit Art elective for my high schoolers. Since Oldest enjoyed this product so much I will probably use others in this series and we will take some trips to the local Cameron Arts Museum and the NC Museum of Art in the future.

Confession time: Despite taking art for two years in High School I cannot draw a straight line with a ruler. My boys would love to do art projects but it's one of those thing that has gone by the wayside. I loved the layout of this product.

There are a series of four lessons and they go step by step. I appreciated the handholding and so did Oldest. What we did was watch the lesson all the way through before starting, pausing if he had any questions. Then we rewatched and actually did the lesson. This meant it took much longer for me to finish the review but this is one of the ways I adapt things to help lessen frustration. (One note - the drawing lines do not show up clearly on our large TV but I simply played the DVD on my Mac and that was a perfect size for him to see the light pencil markings.)

The first part of Lesson 1 goes over the supplies you will need and how to best lay them out. Then Pat Knepley, your instructor, gives you some background on the artist behind the Art Project and adds in lessons about art itself - this project uses mixed media because it combines water colors and pastels.

We did the pencil sketching and then the graduated wash according to the instruction. (Note: We left our pencil marks much more darkly than the instructor recommends due to vision issues)

 In Lesson 2 we worked on our sandy beach and started the texture on our rock.

Lesson 3 was tricky as we worked on the water itself.

And then we added some trees along the horizon line:

Lesson 4 was adding the finishing details to the Boat and the Shore.

And it's done! We did have a few hiccups but all in all not bad at all. Dad wants to hang this in his office at work.  What really pleased me was how clear the instructions were. It would be very easy for my boys to get frustrated with this type of art due to fine motor issues but it was enjoyable.

There are so many ways to purchase this curriculum. Art Projects can be purchased as:

9 DVD Boxed set for $99.99.

A 9 month subscription for $12.50 per month for 9 months.

Purchase one out of the set of 9 at $14.99 each.

The only cons were visual problems due to our poor eyesight and me trying to use the wrong paper at the start - regular paper and water colors do not mix well. Again, these were user error and not due to the product.

Oldest and I really enjoyed using this project and I will be using it for the other two as they grow ready for it. I still can't draw a straight line with a ruler but I can't help but be pleased at how our finished product turned out.

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