Thursday, October 3, 2013

Mosaic Reviews - iTooch by eduPad Educational Apps

I was part of the Mosaic Reviews team that took a look at iTooch Apps by eduPad. They offer a variety of products:

iTooch Elementary Grades 3 to 5
Language Arts, Math and Science - all Common Core Aligned

iTooch Middle School Grades 6-8 - Common Core Aligned.

Math, Language Arts and Health (Grade 6)

iTooch French as a Foreign Language - Grammar, Vocabulary and Pronunciation - Preps for the DELF exam

iTooch TOEFL - Prep for the TOEFL exam through Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing Questions.

iTooch SAT - Critical Reading, Math, Biology and US History practice for the SAT exam.

All of these Apps are available for a variety of platforms - Apple, Android and Windows (Windows 8 and RT tablets). The basic App is free with samples and in App purchases are usually $4.99 each for more content and tests. Complete grades are $9.99 on the iPad for Elementary Grades.

We tried the 6th Grade Language Arts App. It gave us some samples to get a feel for the program. .

The Trial gave us two free activities in Reading - Writing and Composition - Grammar - Vocabulary Booster and Communication. It was very easy to use - the prompts are great and the visuals are clear but not overwhelming.

I believe it would make a nice supplement to any curriculum and a good review tool at a reasonable price. I would like to see it enabled for text to speech as it seems to help my auditory learners tremendously to have that feature.

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