Sunday, September 29, 2013

Mosaic Reviews - Math Mammoth 6

As a long time owner of the Math Mammoth Blue series, I was happy to have the chance to review Math Mammoth 6.

Math Mammoth is a versatile spiral based math program that comes in a variety of forms:

Light Blue Series or Complete Curriculum 

Blue Series or Books By Topic

Golden Series or Worksheets By Grade

Review Workbooks

Real Life Math

It can be purchased as a download or  CD or in printed form. I always choose downloads as a personal preference. I find them more convenient storage wise (thumb drive or CD) and I have a laser printer so it's economical for me to print what I need.

We used Math Mammoth 6 for Youngest for the review period. I have been using worksheet from the Blue Series that I purchased sometime back to fill in gaps for all three kids. The Blue Series is based on topic and is designed to be used to shore up or reinforce any gaps or concepts that a student struggles with.

I loaded the worksheets onto out iPad via Google Drive. In order to work on the sheets on your iPad you will need an App that will let you 'annotate' or write on the PDF file. I use Notability which is $2.99. I can also print or email the completed sheet from the App.

Using a stylus makes a much thicker mark than a pencil would so I wound up printing out the worksheets. But I took a screenshot so you could get an idea of what it would look like if you did work the sheets on the iPad.

Using Math Mammoth really helped Youngest understand he doesn't know it all when it comes to Math. It helped uncover gaps in his math learning I didn't know he had. He liked the clear and varied explanations of concepts. I will be using the previously purchased Blue Series to help with those gaps while we use this for the rest of our school year for his primary math curriculum.

In short, I find this is an affordable, flexible product that works very well. I have used the Blue Series with all three of my kids - all differently abled learners. It is cost effective - even when figuring in the printing cost. 

The author makes it very easy for you to get a good feel for the program prior to purchasing it. She advises giving your student a placement test. Then you can sign up for Math Teaching Emails or Math Mammoth Tour to get further information. (Scroll down to the bottom of this page.)

Prices vary for Math Mammoth depending on what you preferences are:

Printed versions can be found at Rainbow Resource  or Lulu.

Lulu pricing is as follows for a printed version:

Part A $14.95
Part B $14.95
Answer Keys $14.95
Tests & Cumulative Reviews $12.95
Part A - REVISED Edition - $17.95 - bound

Downloads or CD packages from Kagi  (CD or Download) or Currclick (dowloads only) from $34.00 for the complete Grade 6 Curriculum (including tests & answer keys) or $39.00 for CD. You can get 6A or 6B for 17.50 for Download.

There is a REVISED version of 6A available from the above retailers.  The link will explain the difference between the old and new versions and give you a timeline for when 6B REVISED will be published.

I highly recommend this product as a complete curriculum or as a supplement. It's visual and easy to understand and follow. I will continue to use this for my youngest and the Blue Series to supplement Middle and Oldest in their Math studies.

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