Monday, August 12, 2013

Youngest's 2013-2014 Curriculum

Youngest is the hardest to teach.

Not because he's eleven. (Eleven and eight months, Mom!)

Not because he would be a sixth grader.

Not because he was spelling compound words with the letter magnets at two.

Not because he knew his times tables at four and square roots by seven.

(I am honestly NOT bragging. I'm dumbfounded by this child on a regular basis. I think he learns by osmosis.)

No, it's because like a lot of kids on the autism spectrum he does not see the need to learn something he has absolutely no interest in.

Math - Teaching Textbooks 6 and Math Mammoth 6.  I tried Singapore with him. He hated it. I tried Saxon with him. He cried. Not because they were hard. Because he was bored. He loves Teaching Textbooks because he can go at his own pace. He likes Math Mammoth because he likes the way it is visually laid out. Oh, and he can do the worksheets on his iPad.

 The only math concept I've seen him actively resist is Angles. Geometry is NOT going to be his friend. Thankfully we aren't quite there yet.


Science - Apologia's Young Explorer Series - Zoo III and then another - Zoo I, II, Botany, Astronomy or Anatomy.

We have the entire series except for the new one that is coming out soon. He likes them and they are on Learning Ally so he gets to pick which he wants to do. I did try the Student notebooks and he does not care for those. He does like the Knowledge Box Central Lapbooks so we will do those with the book.

Language Arts

Growing with Grammar - Wordly Wise Online- Click n' Kid Phonics/Click n' Kid Spelling - IEW - Jump In - selected novels.

Also we're doing several lap books covering writing book reports, research papers and study skills from In the Hands of A Child. Right now he's reading 'Henry and the Paper Route' and he's not very thrilled with it. I'm going to try Harry Potter and Artemis Fowl next.


Studying God's Word Book D by Christian Liberty Press


Story of the World Volume I

I have this entire series and we bought the audio version as well as the activity books. I'm stunned at how much he retains. He refuses to do narrations but he will answer the questions correctly when I ask him about what he has read and he likes doing the map work. He loves to draw his own maps - on the computer and by hand.

So this is the last of the curriculum plans for the new year. Of course the trick is actually implementing them and adjusting as needed.

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a49erfangirl said...

My son has autism and he thinks exactly the same. He doesn't understand that he has to learn but some of the subjects has no interest in. I got some great ideas for your with Language as my son is a visual learner. We do use the growing with Grammer. He loves that.