Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sprucing up the blog....

So I took this weekend to try and put in some work on my blog. I wanted to spiff it up - add some elements to it and make more appealing. I even made a Facebook page. If it weren't for my online buddies I'd probably still be tearing my hair out trying to make things work, LOL!

I'm hoping to start posting daily or every other day - not just reviews but articles. I used to write for on online blog but life got in the way and I quit. I felt like I actually helped someone or encouraged someone along the way. I'd like for this blog to be that - sharing our experiences and encouraging parents - homeschoolers, kids of special kids, other Christian Moms and Dads that are like me - bowled over by these little miracles God has entrusted us with.

Next week is shaping up to be a busy one. Middle has golf tournaments Monday and Tuesday - 'The good Lord willing and the creek don't rise' - as my Granny used to say. We are praying that DH will get a phone call from a possible job lead. Oldest works two days this week and there is a lot of school that needs to get done.

I'm going to post a few random pictures from our lives. Until next time

  Candle stick holder that Oldest made at a great place - Kids Making It. This is a wonderful program that teaches kids wood working skills. Please check out their Facebook page.

Oldest's first project at Kids Making It.

One of the kittens - asleep. It's only when everyone else has gone to sleep do they wake up and make mad dashes through the house.

The other kitten who likes to ride on Middle's shoulder.

Their names are E.T. and Elliot. They officially belong to Youngest and he named them. E.T. is his favorite movie.

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