Wednesday, August 7, 2013

How I Stopped a Meltdown Before It Started.....

I was going to post about Middle's 2013-2014 curriculum today but I just had to adapt an assignment for Oldest and thought it might give someone else an idea on how to make things easier for their differently abled student.

Today was one of those days for Oldest. He struggled with his Algebra test and we came close to a complete meltdown. These are fewer and farther between than they were when he was younger but he's larger and that makes them more dangerous. So if we can avoid them then we do.

My boys have trouble with handwriting. (Well, they have trouble with writing as a subject as well but they can at least type things if need be.)

Oldest is using Apologia's Exploring Creation with Biology. That's a lot of reading and note wise it can be a lot of writing also.  I purchased the Audio Book and the CD Rom Version of the course. He can listen the Audio Book on his iPod and follow along on the CD Rom on the computer. The CD Rom version of the course eliminates the need for a rather large textbook, a solutions book and a companion CD. I did manage to score a well loved copy of the textbook to use as reference and I'm very glad I did because I also got the solutions book with it. You'll see why in a moment.

There are a lot of lap books made for Apologia products and I've tried most of them. My hands down favorite for these products is Knowledge Box Central. (Here's a link to the Biology ebook.) You can download a sample. I use it for the boys to keep a notebook. You can pick and choose what to use and we choose to use the lap booking components to do our Study Guide questions. We were working on that today and I saw there were 27 terms that needed defining.

Well, there was no way Oldest could write that long. I decided to modify it for him.

When my kids are having to put out an extreme effort to accomplish a task they often lose sight of the point of the task. I try to make sure they still have to work at the task but in a way that will allow them to retain the point of the whole thing.

So I did a quick cut and paste job with my materials:

I pasted the word onto his note booking page and then put the definitions in a ziplock bag. He has to match the definition with the term. By doing this I took the dreaded task of writing out of the equation but he still needed to know what the terns meant in order to match them successfully. 

I found that he retained the information better than he normally does and the lesson went much more quickly than it normally would have. A win - win for both of us!

I hope this helps someone. I know I often struggle with 'how' to modify something without making it too easy for them. I'll try to write a post when I do get a workable idea.

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Great idea! I will have to remember this one:)