Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Busy, busy, busy......

2013 has flown by. I cannot believe it is August already.

July was a whammy of a month. First day of the month my husband was laid off. Then we discovered he needed knee surgery and based on the MRI we weren't sure when he'd be able to look for work again. The surgery was last Tuesday, the damage limited and repaired and he's feeling much better. Hopefully, prayerfully, he will be ready to speak with a guy about a new job next week.

I've been up to my eyeballs with planning and review products. Soon I'll be posting reviews about One Minute Reader App and Homeschool Programming at the end of this month. We're starting our new school year in fits and starts. Getting into a routine is hard - especially with Dad home but he is helping out with the math so we're all pleased about that.

I was able to score a huge deal on Craigslist for High School texts. I've got two there now (I still can't believe it!) and I wanted something that I KNEW was going to count as English I and English II.

Taking into account our learning differences around here and NC graduation requirements (Oldest needs X number of credits and Middle will need 1 more!) here are our choices for 2013-2014:

Also one of the primary reasons behind the selection of many of these texts are that they are in audiobook form - either via Learning Ally or iTunes.


Teaching Textbooks Algebra I,  Life of Fred Algebra I.

(Hopefully he will move this quickly - his dyslexia has him behind in a lot of areas and I hope to combine Math U See Geometry and Algebra II after this to catch him up)


Exploring Creation in Biology 2nd Edition by Dr Jay Wile - The boys love Dr. Wile's writing and they are NOT science guys. We're using the CDrom Version of this and Physical Science so they can listen on their Ipod to the audio book and follow the text onscreen. The experiments are fairly easy to complete though I need to buy some prepared slides for later experiments.

Language Arts

This is complicated because Oldest goes to a reading tutor once a week.

For the tutor - We use Wordly Wise Online. He's at Level 8 right now but he can move up as many levels as he needs. I purchased an annual subscription through Homeschool Buyer's Co-op. All three boys will be using this resource.

She also assigns vocabulary words from this source: Sparknotes Illustrated Vocabulary.

Spelling - shoring up weaknesses by using Building Spelling Skills Series by Christian Liberty Press. I'm using tutor directed selections from books 4-8. All of these are available on Currclick.

At Home -  I'm torn between three resources at the moment and I'll update when I check with the tutor on the one to use with Oldest. They are textbooks - older editions that combine Grammar, Writing and Speech in one volume.

We'll be using a textbook for Literature also - Elements of Literature Third Course by Holt, Reinhardt and Winston. Again - this is a older edition that contains many of the same classic stories I read when I was in High School.


All American History Volumes I & II - Bright Ideas Press. This is a very engaging text that comes with notebooking type pages as well as suggestions in the teacher text to beef the course up for High School Level.

I'll be using lapbooks and documentaries, etc to help with understanding and comprehension.


Studying God's Word Books G & H by Christian Liberty Press

All the boys love this series for Bible study. It's inexpensive and the only drawback is that it uses King James translation which is harder for the boys to understand.

I'll post Middle's curriculum tomorrow. Hope everyone's planning is going well. I'm blog hopping because I like to see what everyone else is using.

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Your new blog look is great, Peggy! Thanks for sharing about your curriculum. Love it!