Thursday, August 8, 2013

2013-2014 Curriculum for Middle

I got sidetracked yesterday adapting an assignment for Oldest and today has been a whirlwind of Dr appts - tutor and piano. Thursdays tend to be hectic around here.

Middle has the most serious language weaknesses of the three boys. That being said I had him screened by Oldest's tutor and she found he was reading on grade level - he's just not very good at spelling. That was a relief.

With that in mind I made choices for this year for Middle:

(We school year round so we've already started and I don't really do grade levels. I do cover what the State of NC says they need for High School credits in Math, Science, History, Lang Arts, etc..)

Math - Teaching Textbooks 7 and Math Mammoth - Blue Series, Life of Fred middle school books and then Fractions and Decimals and Percents.

 Like me, middle struggles in math. He can do it - it just takes him longer to grasp concepts than a 'typical' learner. It took me two years in high school to pass Algebra I. I still get brain freeze when I look at it and I'm trying to re-learn it with the boys. DH excels at it and pretty much handles helping them with math when they need it. Our tutoring service also has an excellent math tutor I've used for both boys in the past and won't hesitate to use again.

Science - Apologia's Exploring Creation with Physical Science

Like with Oldest - we're using the CDRom in combination with the Audiobook and Knowledge Box Central's lap book/notebook. So far he's really liking it and loving the experiments. He's the questioner in the family and the nature lover so this doesn't surprise me.

Language Arts

Growing with Grammar - Wordly Wise Online- Building Spelling Skills - IEW - Jump In - BJU's Fundamentals of Literature and selected novels - starting with The Lightening Thief. 

Also we're doing several lap books covering writing book reports, research papers and study skills from In the Hands of A Child.


Studying God's Word Book F by Christian Liberty Press


Story of the World Vol 4 - Modern Age plus movies, documentaries and lap books.

Middle is the easiest to plan for and he is the most diligent student I have. If he has a list he will work at it until he is finished.  Of course he'll continue to play golf as much as possible and all of the boys are required to exercise at least fifteen to twenty minutes per day.

Hopefully I can finish this series of posts by sharing what Youngest will be using next year tomorrow.

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