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Mosaic Reviews - Saving Memories Forever

Saving Memories Forever is a service that can be used on the web, through an App - Android or iPhone  - or a combination of both to record precious memories that can be lost only too easily. It is a potential gold mine for genealogists.  Imagine being able to visit the family cemetery and record dates  and locations via your smartphone instead of trying to write it all down or remember it!

The basic subscription is free as is the App. However there are many advantages to becoming a Premium Subscriber. For $3.99 per month or $40 per year, you get the flexibility of having unlimited storytellers or listeners as well as being able to add photographs to the story. There are a bunch more advantages listed here. You can also upload an Mp3 audio file directly to the website so you do not need a smartphone to use this product. It just makes it easier. That being said....

Despite a detailed How to Section, I had trouble using the App part. (I struggled with it for most of the review period and set it aside for a time. This is not a reflection of the product. I have a lot of trouble with hearing my own voice and we've had a lot of recent deaths in the family so it was emotionally difficult to use a product that I wished I'd had two years ago.) I have an iPhone.

So I called in my trusty technical support person - Oldest. Of course he figured it out and it worked perfectly the first time. I then re-recording one of my stories in addition to a bunch of his. It was very easy to upload and it prompted the sharing feature immediately.

This is the main screen after you log in on the App:


You then choose your storyteller: (I added Oldest later)

Then you make sure you have pressed the red button and start talking. When you are finished press the stop button and it will prompt you to upload from there. This was my attempt that failed.

This was Oldest first attempt that was a smashing success.... ("Ma, you gotta press the record button!" Me: "Ooopsss!")

I had a blast using this with Oldest. He is so outgoing and a naturally funny storyteller that is intent on getting the facts on record.

Once it is uploaded to the website you can go in and view the stories as a manager and delete those that you don't want to save.

I wish I had this service two years ago. My mother was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in July 2011 that took her life in December of that year. Then my grandmother, her mother, died of pancreatic cancer in March of 2012. To have been able to record all of the stories my grandmother told me so often, for my mother to have been able to leave some wisdom for her Grand boys.... Priceless. To be able to hear their voices - just once more.... That's the power of this invention.

My father's family holds their family reunion in October of every year. Saving Memories Forever is making the trip with me. My father was one of thirteen kids and my aunt and uncles who are left are wonderful storytellers. I cannot wait to get these memories in a safe place.

I highly recommend this product and feel it is a quality product at an affordable price. I appreciate being given the opportunity to try and review this product.

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Disclaimer/Disclosure: I was given use of this product for the purpose of obtaining my honest opinion. I received nothing else. This is my honest opinion. Please consider that every family is different and results may vary.

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