Thursday, January 17, 2013

I am so excited!

I just got an email that I was selected to Mosaic Review Team!

I used to be on the TOS Review Crew and I had a great time. It really stretched me as a writer and I learned a lot about giving an honest appraisal of a product I'd used. I also got to check out a bunch of things I would not have been able to otherwise. This team is going to review more than just homeschool products so it's another challenge.

I am hoping that I can start blogging consistently again and build up my readership. I do love to write and I feel that I have a gift for it. I just need motivation and deadlines work very well to prod me into doing just that.

I have been reading one verse on faith from the Bible daily since the first of the year. I've been posting them on Facebook but I need to also post them here so I can elaborate on the message I am getting from the Scripture of the day. I'm trying very hard to keep going - to walk by faith - not by sight. It's been pretty dark around here the past couple of years. I am blessed that my boys are growing into fine young men - discovering themselves and their strengths.

Would you like to review products? Do you have or would you like to start your own blog? Mosaic Reviews is still accepting applications. Just follow this link -

Check back soon!


Elyse Rinehart said...

I am very excited to be a part of the crew too! I am hopping over from MR to follow your blog. I look forward to seeing you blog regularly and becoming a reader of yours! ~Elyse/Oiralinde

benbidder said...

Saying hey! Making the rounds from MR team! :) Have a great weekend! :)