Monday, January 21, 2013

A Day to Remember...

Today is set aside to honor the memory of Rev Dr Martin Luther King Jr.

I grew up and still live in the south. I was born three years after he made this historic speech. By the time I was aware segregation existed it was almost over. Sadly, the attitudes do remain but fortunately not in large numbers. Kids today are even more desegregated - they go to school with kids of all colors, races, and abilities. When I was a small child the differently abled kids were squirreled away in a separate classroom. We hardly knew they even existed.

One of the great things about my kids is their inability to notice things like skin color. They really do take people as they find them and they find the whole idea of segregation repulsive and bewildering. They cannot understand why the color of a person's skin would lead anyone to believe they were less than another.

This year, as we have done every year since I found it on the internet, we listen to this speech. I don't think they grasp the full meaning of it yet. I don't think they grasp how dangerous it was for him to do the things he did. But they do understand he did so because GOD told him to do it.

And he obeyed.

We should all be so obedient to God's call as Rev Dr King.

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