Friday, January 7, 2011

TOS Review - See N Read©

As a member of the TOS Review Crew I received a package from See N' Read© Reading Tools. These products were designed to aid readers with focusing, visual tracking and retaining what they read. They were developed by a mother seeking to help her daughter who was struggling to read fluently. More information on the research behind it can be found here.

Enclosed were the Book sized See-N-Read© with the Memory Mark™ feature. This tool measures 5 1/2" x 3" and has a cut out window in the guide section that allows you to highlight or underline without moving your guide. This is also available in Document size which is 8 1/2" x 3". This product can be purchased as a single or in different quantities and packages. A price list is here.

I found the Memory Mark™ to be perfect for Bible Study. I could keep my place, not be overwhelmed by text all over the page and highlight or make a note without moving the tool. My kids liked using to to read their literature books but really didn't need to highlight anything.

Also in the package was the Document sized See-N-Read©. (8 1/2" x 3"). I had the boys use this one to follow along with worksheets and to keep their columns straight during their math work. They adapted to using it fairly quickly. I did not use this one nearly as much as they did. We will purchase more of these to prevent fighting over them. My boys are easily visually overwhelmed and this was excellent for helping them to focus on what they needed to do. A price list and the various bundles can be found here.

The eSee-N-Read™ works very well with computer based curriculum or books on your computer (I used mine with my Kindle computer application and various e-books I've downloaded.) The boys used it with their Switched On Schoolhouse Subjects. This is probably my personal favorite of the three products we tried though the boys would probably give the Document sized See-N-Read© the vote. You can set it up to start when Windows starts, minimize it, adjust the shading and many other things I probably haven't tried yet. It will give you tips if you wish on start up. For now it is only available for the PC but a MAC version is in the works. A single license is $29.99 and multiple licenses are available.

I thought these products would be wonderful for my oldest - who is dyslexic. I was pleasantly surprised that not only did he benefit from the products - the entire family did. In fact, I used the Memory Marker™ more than the kids. My husband liked the book sized for his reading as well. We will be buying the eSee-N-Read™ and at least one of each of the other products to be sure everyone in the family has one to use.

Please head over and see what other TOS crew members have to say about this product: here.

Disclaimer/Disclosure: I was given use of this product for the purpose of obtaining my honest opinion. I received nothing else. This is my honest opinion. Please consider that every family is different and results may vary.

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