Monday, December 13, 2010

TOS Review - Aleks Online Math Program

As a member of the TOS review crew my family was given a free trial of one month.

I had been looking at Aleks for a long time because my youngest - the math whiz - is very hard to match in terms of curriculum. Aleks did not disappoint. He really liked the variety and the short lessons and the way the concepts were presented.

Aleks stands for Assessment and LEarning in Knowledge Spaces. It's made for kids in grades 3-12. The instruction is tailored to the individual child. You can use it in different ways - worksheets, games that teach math facts, quizzes and online work that provides full explanations.

Setting up the Master account was easy - it would have been easier if I had carefully read the directions but Aleks customer service quickly combined my Master Accounts for me so all three of my students were under one Master Account. (click on the images for a bigger picture)

From the Master Account page the parent can view student attendance/progress reports and quiz results. It will tell you exact what problems the student missed or had trouble with.

Once you have your Master Account set up then each Student needs to complete an assessment. Then the student will see this:

The student can then choose an area he needs to work on and gives a summary of what they already know. My youngest LOVED this because he likes variety. He could work on different areas in the same day. I loved that I could also print out a worksheet for him to do if we needed to go somewhere and the guys needed to work without the computer.

This program is really wonderful for kids like mine who need repetition but don't like the monotony of it. They don't even realize they are repeating information. The visuals are nice and not overwhelming on the page. The only thing that would make this better would be a text to speech option for dyslexics like my oldest. The oldest really liked the explanation part of the program - the concepts were laid out in a manner than he could understand them.

My middle son really liked the whole program. It was easy for him to follow and the introductions of new concepts was much easier for him than we've found with other math programs. I can't say enough about the visuals this program provides and how big of a help they are to learners like my boys.

This 2 minute video provides an overview of Aleks. Pricing can be found here. The price for one student is $19.99 per month - $99 for six months and $179.95 for 12 months. Family discounts are available for 6 month or 12 month terms. More details here.

My experience with Aleks and their customer service was wonderful. They responded promptly to any inquiries and provided a ton of information.

This product was a true winner for all of my boys. We will be extending our membership as soon as the funds are available. To try it out for your own family click on the link below for a free 1 month trial.

Visit ALEKS for 1-Month Trial

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Disclaimer/Disclosure: I was given use of this product for the purpose of obtaining my honest opinion. I received nothing else. This is my honest opinion. Please consider that every family is different and results may vary.

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Lori Lynn said...

Good review. I used Aleks for the better part of last year and I never knew what it stood for! lol Thanks for that bit of info.