Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Westvon Publishing - Product Rave

I stumbled upon Westvon's impressive product line some time ago, probably during a Currclick sale. I was amazed at the versatility of the products and have collected most of their products.

One of my favorites is Study Starters. Like my boys - I often don't know where to start with a subject. The product is available in e-book form, CD or spiral bound.

These worksheets provide an outline type form that helps you to shape a study. There are sheets for States, Animals, Minerals, Rocks, Music and so much more. A complete list of topics, as well as a sample, can be found at the above link.

We use a lot of Westvon's products - Happy Scribe Copybooks, History Scribe, Bible Scribe, GeoScribe and History Scholar. I also use pages from The Master Planner in my planning. Currently they have a great sale on all of their products at Currclick. Their products have really helped my reluctant writers with their history, science and handwriting.

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