Monday, August 30, 2010

Week 2 - I need a Staples button...

Started week 2 of our new school year and I think I want one of those Staples' 'That was Easy' buttons. I wonder if I haven't made things more difficult than they should be. School got done - math and spelling and grammar went quickly - science for the middle and youngest and we watched a DVD about Jamestown as an intro to our American history unit. No one fussed or balked or refused to do any work.


I have three reviews due in the next week and have made good progress on all but one of them. Tonight I have two meetings at church and then a meeting at SSI in the morning. Praying that one goes well. It would have been easier if they had told me what they needed to begin with.

My grandmother gifted me with her collection of family pictures and the letters sent to the family during one of my great uncle's tours of duty in World War II. I want to scan the photos and transcribe the letters. They are a window into a time that is very important.

Trying to force myself to blog more frequently and not just when I need to review something. Thrilled to see that the Temple Grandin movie did well at the Emmy's. This HBO movie is not to be missed. It was excellent on so many levels.

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