Monday, June 14, 2010

Interesting conversation with the youngest...

I dropped oldest and middle off at Vacation Bible School. Youngest decided he didn't want to go this year. (I stepped into the Sanctuary for a few minutes before it started and it was sensory overload for me.)

On the way home he pipes up from the back seat:

Him: What day did I hatch?

Me: What?

Him: (patiently) What day did I hatch? You know, out of my egg.

Me: (thinking that this kid has really made a huge leap in his biology knowledge) You're a mammal. You were born.

Him: (exasperated sigh) I was not! I was hatched! I'm a chicken!

Me: (knowing it's useless to argue with an 8 year old Aspie but doing it anyway) No, you are not a chicken. I'll take you to Dr. B - he delivered you.

Him: Hatched me. Was Dr. B there?

Me: Yes, he delivered babies then.

Him: Was Daddy there?

Me: Yes, the whole time.

Him: That's silly. Rooster's aren't there when chickens hatch.

We pulled up at home - DH right behind us and I inform him that he needs to tell our son he is not a chicken and did not come from an egg.

Him: Technically....

I then left for the library....

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