Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hot, Humid, Hazy…. Feels like August here….

I can’t get over how hot this week has been! Heat index near 100? We only usually see that type of heat in late July or August. Since we’re still waiting on my medical issues to get straightened out and it’s VBS – Vacation Bible School – week at our church – followed by Middle and my birthdays we’re doing some light schooling. I’m trying to digest the wonderful downloadable webcasts at Tapestry of Grace. So far I’ve watched Out of the Shrinkwrap and Lesson Planning 101. I have purchased and downloaded the other two but haven’t watched them yet. If you want to really get a taste of Tapestry of Grace I highly recommend the above titles. TOG can look overwhelming at first but it’s really a nice frame work that I find quite flexible. Each session is $7.00 and I believe there is a code to get one of them free. They will be adding new Teacher Trainings each month.

I am also faithfully reading and re-reading my The Old Schoolhouse Review Crew Manual. Yes, I got picked to be part of the Older Review Crew this year. I am very excited at the opportunity. The support is fantastic. I based a lot of my curriculum choices by reading the reviews of The Old Schoolhouse Review Crew. I love the practical suggestions I gleaned for tweaking a product to use with my family. So I’m happy to be a part of it this year.


matthewnccaagolf2010  Middle son enjoying the NCAA Women’s Golf Finals. He and his Dad made a day of it – watching Perdue win their first title.


pelican  My Mother, Grandmother and Brother now live in Oak Island. My Mother – who shares mine and middle’s infatuation with Pelicans took this shot off the Oak Island pier.


We went to the beach Saturday for the first time in a long time. Oak Island was a less crowded beach than Wrightsville Beach – which is much closer. I suspect it has to do with the smaller waves and it’s a south facing beach instead of east. We examined a wriggly little fish from the surf – let him go – examined seaweed and kelp. Then we went back to grandma’s to grill and ride around in the golf cart.

Monday the heat arrived full force so we’re just trying to stay cool. Hope your week is going well!

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MeritK said...

Beautiful Blog Peggy - makes me feel like I have been to the beach! We are hot and hazy here in the Piedmont of NC too! God bless- MeritK