Friday, March 5, 2010

Spring is starting to peek out so it's planning time again...

It's finally starting to warm up here. My middle stood at a park with his worker in a gaggle of geese and brought home an unwelcome present on his boots. No matter - that's why we have soap and water - and wipes.

This means that it is time to start school planning. Despite the interruptions and upsets we're almost done with the stuff we've used this year. We've completed Apologia Astronomy, each boy has finished at least one level in Math U See and are pretty far into the next level, we're almost done with NC history and its time for the CAT testing required every year.

Next year I'm incorporating a lot more Charlotte Mason - shorter lessons - more subjects - including nature walks, Shurely English for the older two and First Language Lessons for the younger. We're going to use Apologia Botany for the spring and summer and then Zoo I. The oldest will be using Apologia General Science. Then we'll start All American History Vol I.

I just need time to sit down and write out our plans. Since we're done with evaluations for the time being I hope to do that this weekend or the next.

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