Friday, February 26, 2010

Uhm, isn't it supposed to be spring or close to it?

I am tired. Of whining, mostly my own. Tired of evaluations for the boys - over and over again - duplicates. Tired of being scared to eat something. Tired of seeing the nice people at the ER. Heck, they may be missing me as I haven't been there in almost two weeks now. Tired of it being cold.

But I am happy too. Happy that the sun is out today. Happy that Zondervan sent me a 'Busy Woman's Bible' to look over in exchange for a review. Happy to be participating in the churchwide 'Treasures of a Transformed Life' Lenten study. Happy I got to go to the Homeschool Refresher by HOTM online. Happy to have my HOTM article done before the deadline - for once. Glad to have found 'The President's Daughter' series at the library by Ellen Emerson White. Yes, technically its young adult fic but its good fiction.

It started with me looking for a book she'd written years and years ago called 'Friends For Life'. I really liked that book and its main character - Susan. (Susan happens to be the name of my best childhood friend. Her darling father passed on this week and my heart is breaking for her. He was a very fine man.) Google led me to a blog that said Susan (the character, not my friend) was back in Ellen Emerson White's latest book 'Long May She Reign'. The library had it. All 7oo plus pages of it. I love a good thick book.

I also liked Meg as much as I liked the returning Susan. White creates real characters - they whine, they get mad, they say ugly words sometimes but they are tough and strong people that are interesting to read about. Today I got the remaining books in the series from the library and can't wait to settle in a read them.

I'm also investigating using some Charlotte Mason in our school from now on.

As for the stuff I'm tired of... I have to keep remembering - 'This too shall pass....'

Pass soon. I'm ready for Spring!

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