Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Kid is Exhausted.....

I have three boys. All three are blessed with some form of autism. I call it a blessing because through this journey I have discovered many things about myself - why I struggled so much in school - in social settings and never felt like I belonged. I call it a blessing because each of them is gifted in different ways. Yes, it comes with struggles but everyone has struggles.

The holiday season is rough around here. From the start of Advent we don't seem to be able to catch a breath until Christmas Day.

My husband sings in our church choir. And our choir is not just a choir. We are blessed with a wonderful director of music that has a knack for choosing the right piece to showcase the message of hope and love that is Jesus Christ. He does it for Easter and he does it for Christmas and he does it every Sunday.

But these take hard work, lots of practices, and long hours. My husband can handle it but my oldest? Well, this is where things get really hard for him.

Oldest is musically gifted. He plays piano by ear and has been attempting to direct the choir since he was 18 months old standing on my legs during the service. He helps run the sound board and video for our church productions. He also is in our youth choir and the youth play.

And he's been at church almost every single night for the past month and a half. He's also fighting a cold and the fact that he's thirteen and the hormones have arrived.

I believe it is my job as a his parent to say no. Last night he was exhausted and today he's feverish - not high but enough that he's acting out - and so he will not attend the youth play practice tonight. He has all of two lines and he knows his part very well. He is also supposed to sing Sunday and then there is youth play practice and performance later Sunday evening.

I'm writing this because it's hard for people who know him to believe that he honestly cannot self monitor. He's getting better but he is not able to realize when he needs to just rest. So that's my job and for today - that's what I'm called to do.

I am glad for all the opportunities that he has to express his talent and I know he is beyond appreciated at our church. But as he often says - 'I'm just a person.'

And the kid is exhausted....

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