Thursday, October 22, 2009

Strep... again...

I'm not sure when I looked up at Middle Tuesday and noticed he had a sizeable bald spot on the left side of his head. Once I did I called the peditrician immediately. It was strep... again...

My kids do not have typical strep symptoms. My Middle probably has something known as P.A.N.D.A.S. which is an acronym that basically means strep causes his immune system to go into hyperdrive causing all sorts of side effects such as tics and OCD's and general grouchiness. Oldest usually has the meltdowns of the century with no other symptoms and Little is just totally off the charts emotionally. So yesterday morning we spent at the Dr's office which was fully of sick kids. Middle has it and the other two do not. Did I mention Middle HATES taking medicine? Did I mention he had clever ways of pretending to take it and not really? Strep is a scary thing to me as I had a bout with it in High School where it attacked and paralyzed my neck and shoulder muscles. It quickly reversed with anitbiotic treatment but it scared the mess outta me. I do not play around with that nasty bug.

So for the next nine (he took two doses yesterday and has had one dose of the two for today) I have to watch him like a hawk and make sure he drinks every last drop of antibiotic. And deal with the grouchies.

Saturday Oldest turns 13. I cannot believe I almost have a teenager. Who is rapidly outgrowing his size 10 (men) tennis shoes. Oldest is a joy and delight and teaches me daily what it is like to have a heart for Christ. He lets God in without reservation. I have been so blessed because of this child. I watched him become a full member of our church after Conformation this past spring. I watched him baptised by not only water, but by the Spirit. I cannot begin to tell you of the unspeakable gift it was to see my child actually touched by the Holy Spirit. In that moment I saw him as God sees him - as he will be in heaven. It is scary sometimes to know that God has something very special for this child to do in his life. I not only know it because God has told me but because He has told others who have told me. God's mark on this child is very apparent to everyone who meets him.

"But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart." Luke 2:19

I am in no way equating my son to the Lord he serves. The Bible is full of examples of people that God used in extraordinary ways. Mary was one of these. It is when I see my son doing what Jesus would have him do - with the light of God shining in his face - that I can get an inkling of what she must have felt.

Happy Birthday my Oldest boy. May you always let your light shine for the Lord you so readily and happily serve.

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