Monday, September 21, 2009

This is the Golden Orb Spider and we have eight females and probably 8 males that have taken up residence around our home and yard. They come every year in late summer/early fall.

Today we started a new part of our homeschool - a daily nature walk. Two boys loved it - one is still shrieking that he's itchy from being outside. Our yard is also home to 19 jewel spiders, 7 garden spiders and one birds nest - apparently abandoned for the winter.

Tommorrow we are going to take a leaf from each of our trees so we can look up and identify what we have in our yard.

The two older boys are estatic about this latest addition to our day and I like it too. After we've exhausted the yard we'll be going around our area.

We are in a great area for nature study. In a fifteen mile radius we have ponds, river, estuaries, marshes, and oceans. We'll try to post something from each of them.

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