Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The spider lady

It poured rain here last night. I watched anxiously for my not so little spider. I was worried she'd drown. This morning during a lull in the rain she was still hanging - looking very still. I was worried but something told me she was just waiting.

And she was. The sun came out and she daintily respun the damage to her web. A small jewel spider next to her was spinning madly but she carefully and deliberately made repairs to her web.

Middle called out to me around supper time. I walked over to find she her patience paid off. A huge horsefly had landed in her web and she and her tiny mate were having their dinner.

Could God have put this lovely creature in my window to teach me a lesson? Or two? Or three? :)

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Anonymous said...

The Golden Orb Weaver is one of my favorite spiders.