Monday, September 21, 2009

Reminder to self....

I am not pleased with myself this morning. We are on day 15 of our new school year and so far it's gone really well.

Until this morning. You know the type. You wake up with a sinus headache that makes you want to pull your head off. The weather outside is simply gorgeous so this means the kids really do not want to dig and do their work. Well two of them don't.

And you forget that each of them comes with their own learning challenges.

The oldest had a very preventable meltdown this morning and it was entirely due to my snapping at him. The child cannot help that he has processing issues. It is always going to take him longer to accomplish multi step work. It's just a fact of life. I have the eeg's and the MRI that show these issues. He cannot help it. And I need to remember this.

He needs me to be the cooler head. To help him break down things into manageable chunks. This will get better as he gets older - part of it is the fact that he has a nine year old brain in an almost 13 year old body. Because when I help him do this he has great success. And he needs success.

Public school hurt him a great deal. This was not entirely their fault - I know this child and his issues better than anyone and I still make mistakes there are no hard and fast rules about teaching a child with high functioning autism much less one that has a form of dyslexia to boot. But he had many more failures than successes in public school. They couldn't give him the time or attention he needs and that is no reflection on them. He had some outstanding teachers.

He is only too aware that he can't keep up with others his age. I think that contributes to the explosiveness.

So I'm restarting the day with a prayer that I am more mindfull of my son's needs. And he's finishing his math and looking forward to the nature walk.

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