Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Rain. Rain and more rain

So it's raining here and it wouldn't let up enough to take a nature walk. It's not nearly as bad as the flooding in Georgia and points west so I'll not complain.

Middle and I watched the Golden Orb spider outside the kitchen window several times today. I know a lot of people get squicked out by spiders but she's quite lovely with her delicate legs. We watched her studiously repair her web. (Can you tell I loved Charlotte's Web? )

I cannot look at this perfectly put together creature and deny the existence of God. I just can't. The colors, her legs with the little fuzz on them....

Middle of course gets excited when she grabs a beetle or fly to eat. He likes to watch that. I just like watching her. I'm going to miss her when she leaves but she (or one like her) will be back next fall. She's become part of my routine. While I wait not so patiently for my morning coffee to ding in the microwave I stand and watch her at the window and marvel at one of God's creations.

So maybe we just took our nature walk at our window?

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