Saturday, September 5, 2009

Hands off my books!

Last night I made another Goodwill run and of course brought home more books. :) We have two large bookshelves crammed full - one smaller one full and stacks and stacks all over the house and garage. Once I get the garage cleaned out I am determined to have wall to wall bookshelves there.

I read about a private school doing away with their print library and going to digital. 20,000 books - gone. I wanted to cry.

I'm sure such an attachment to an inanimate object seems extreme but books have played such happy part of my life that this and the Consumer Product Safety Protection Act (the dumbest law in the history of the dumbest Congress ever elected) make me very protective of the bound book.

When I was a child I spent many happy hours wandering the shelves of the public library. I found so many good books that way. I don't remember learning to read - it came as naturally to me as breathing. I was thrilled to have children because I could share all these wonderful books with them.

My kids hate to read. They do like to listen so it's read a loud city here.

An electronic book will never replace the feeling of a page under your finger - the smoothness, the sound it makes. It will never smell good. You will never wonder about the hands that held this book before you did and some of my books belonged to my Great Grandfather (I love his margin notes) so I love to think of him holding them, loving them as I do. (He even had his own library stamp - he and my great grandmother were book junkies as well.)

My husband - currently immersed in a Tom Clancy he's re-read countless times - shares my adoration of the written bound word. I think that's one of the reasons I am so drawn to President John Adams. Eyesight failing as he aged, he had his bed moved into his library. Even if he couldn't see to read them - he knew his books were there and that was enough.

So keep you Kindle and give me the books. Nothing will replace the feel of a book as far as I'm concerned.

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