Thursday, August 6, 2009


Spent much of this week at the . I'm sad that we only have one more day. The seminars are wonderful and the fellowship is fantastic.

I have no idea how I got a ticket. I suppose I won it. It just showed up in my email in what I call a God incidence. I have been truly blessed. I really needed the encouragement and the inspiration and there is just no way I can go the the NC conference. The timing, the finances, the distance - just can't do it. This I could do from my home.

Even if I hadn't won the ticket at 12.95 it was a great deal. You can still sign up and get the Mp3's of the seminars later. It is WELL worth it.

As a result of this I'm investigating Sonlight. I never had done that before because my kids are reluctant readers at bests. However, talking with Amy Bayliss, who uses it, and listening to Sarita Holzmann of Sonlight, my interest was sparked and I went looking with my 'just arrived in the mail Sonlight catalog'.

Most of the books are in my local library. Hmmmm... Another God incidence?

As good as the seminars have been it was Amy's that was the one I really needed to hear. I am not being a Godly parent lately and am letting way too much negativity invade my thoughts and come out of my mouth. I can't do this thing without God and I need to stop trying.

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