Monday, January 5, 2009

Back to School

Today was our first day back after Christmas break. I am starting to plan for next year as well. I'll be using the Core Knowledge books as a spine and lapbooks from HOAC and other things to fill in as needed.

But today we kept plugging away at this years....

9:30 am - Circle Time and Devotional from The One Year book of Devotions for Kids.

10:00 am - 11:30 Everyone sits down to work - except Tommy who runs away and general disrupts school until he lands himself in a time out. Cole starts by writing in his journal 'What I would do if I were President.', Matthew starts with a page from a Grammar workbook. Cole then does a page in his Grammar workbook and Matthew starts his North Carolina state study. Matthew moves onto a chapter of 'It Couldn't Just Happen' and his Psalm 19:1 copywork. Cole moves on to his Science and it only takes him three meltdowns to get through it. Cole takes a break in his room to regroup and Matthew finishes his 20th lesson in MUS Gamma.

Meanwhile Tommy has decided to get to work. He listens to Mike Mulligan and Mary Anne the Steam Shovel and works on the first two activities from the HOAC lapbook on the story. Then he does a page in his Spelling workbook, a worksheet on animal skin coverings and ends with two geography worksheets.

12:00 everyone has lunch

1:00 Cole is ready to work. He finishes his Science sheets, zips through lesson 16 of Epsilon and then we start his unit on Explorers.

After he finishes I call it a day and do my Bible study and my readings for the day. I usually like to do it first thing but my sinuses had me up late so I slept in.

So far I've been to the Y two days in a row and walked 20 minutes each time on the treadmill. I am so out of shape I am going to have to go slowly until I start getting some stamina. I plan to go again tonight with Cole after DH gets home. I have been very good about keeping up with my 'Read the entire Bible in One Year' readings.

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