Monday, October 13, 2008

Bad blogger

I am so bad about updating the blog on a regular basis.

Yesterday we went to the YMCA for the first time to check it out. I am more out of shape than I thought. I enrolled in the free 6 week wellness program we get with our membership. I go in Thurs. night at 7pm and they go over my stats, assess my level of fitness (ugh) and teach me how to use all those cool machines I saw yesterday in a way that will work best for me. Dh already worked out this morning before work.

I've gotten even more flexible about schooling. I signed up for the awesome - Teacher File Box by Evan Moor and am letting the kids pick what they want to study for science and history. Matthew has decided he wants to study astronomy, Cole the weather and Tommy is learning about transportation this week. I also started using a work system advocated by TEACCH. I went to a really great conference there last week and am going to another for two days next week. I really love the TEACCH program. Their approach is a middle ground - modify the environment and the person and make it visual.

Matthew just left to go swimming at the Y with his worker and I'm recovering from a stomach ache I had for two days. Pharmacist suggested it was stress and hoped I didn't have an ulcer. We both laughed cause he knows how stressful it is to have three boys on the spectrum and I'm homeschooling them.

It's much less stressful than it was when they were in school. We're all happier and I think they are starting love learning again. At least the older two - Tommy only went to Pre K so he didn't need much deschooling.

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