Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

What a week/weekend!

Last week was a whirlwind. Wednesday we had a reporter come out and do this story:

I HATE being on camera - still or video but this is very important. The reporter couldn't have been more friendly and the article - IMO - was very balanced. I'm trying to get used to total strangers saying they saw me in the paper. It happened all day at church on Sunday but I had expected that. If it hadn't been for our church family I doubt we'd be making it through this crisis. Our church: Wrightsboro United Methodist Church
celebrated it's 50th anniversary this Sunday, which also happened to be Homecoming. I spent most of the day on my feet and that night we had Geron Davis and Kindred Souls in concert. It was a great concert and Geron and his family are so nice and down to earth it made it a great experience for all of us.

This week we're back in the swing of school and lots of play time in the nice weather outdoors. Thursday and Friday I get to go to a two day seminar at TEACCH on Structured Teaching. I'm very excited about that.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Bad blogger

I am so bad about updating the blog on a regular basis.

Yesterday we went to the YMCA for the first time to check it out. I am more out of shape than I thought. I enrolled in the free 6 week wellness program we get with our membership. I go in Thurs. night at 7pm and they go over my stats, assess my level of fitness (ugh) and teach me how to use all those cool machines I saw yesterday in a way that will work best for me. Dh already worked out this morning before work.

I've gotten even more flexible about schooling. I signed up for the awesome - Teacher File Box by Evan Moor and am letting the kids pick what they want to study for science and history. Matthew has decided he wants to study astronomy, Cole the weather and Tommy is learning about transportation this week. I also started using a work system advocated by TEACCH. I went to a really great conference there last week and am going to another for two days next week. I really love the TEACCH program. Their approach is a middle ground - modify the environment and the person and make it visual.

Matthew just left to go swimming at the Y with his worker and I'm recovering from a stomach ache I had for two days. Pharmacist suggested it was stress and hoped I didn't have an ulcer. We both laughed cause he knows how stressful it is to have three boys on the spectrum and I'm homeschooling them.

It's much less stressful than it was when they were in school. We're all happier and I think they are starting love learning again. At least the older two - Tommy only went to Pre K so he didn't need much deschooling.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Finally! I got back to church!

I actually got to go to church today. I haven't been in months. Seriously. It got to the place where it was too much of a battle with Tommy.

I felt like I've been gone for years. It was like half the babies that were newborns the last time I was there are walking.

I was determined to go because Cole was performing with Da' Blaze Youth Choir. We are very blessed to have a great youth choir director who (IMO) should get a medal for dealing with ten kids going through various stages of puberty. Not only does she do that, she teaches them some great singing and routines. Cole loves it. He is a born performer. I'm going to try and get some pics up soon.

Next week we only have one appointment. YEAH! Matthew does have his TEACCH group but it's in the afternoon and I'll be at a two day conference at TEACCH Tues and Wed. (Wow, two days of interacting with adults!)

I'm also waiting to hear back from the state on my appeal. All the testing is done. The bonus in this is that I don't have to administer a test this year. They had a Woodcock Johnson done. I used a CAT-5 last year and this is a new year.

The weather is getting nice and cool and that is going to mean lots of field trips. We have a ton of historical sites around here that are free. I think the boys will like that.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Running, running, running

I hate having to get new evaluations every three years. There's always one more test and a zillion appointments that are hard to manage with no childcare.

Next week is better. I'm going to a two day course on teaching kids on the spectrum and there's only one appointment.

We've switched to US and local history and I'm putting it together as I go. We've been pretty hit and miss with school due to all these appointments and I'm ready to get back on track.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Bad news and more bad news...

Well, the boys services have been cut - again. And there is nothing I can do about it.

I've written, called, protested, appealed. Bottom line is that the state does not want to give the local agency more money to lose. I don't blame the state for that. However why don't they remove this agency and get a competent one in there?

Two, Cole's dental surgery seemed to go well but now he's spiked a fever and the antibiotic is taking awhile to kick it. He's on edge and so am I.

Three, a hurricane is headed this way. Oh joy. My husband scared himself nearly to death replacing shingles last weekend. Goodbye shingles, hello wet roof. Not to mention the pool in the backyard.

On the plus side I found that doing notebooking and lapbooking is a much easier way to teach the boys. The lessons are smaller, hands on and the information seems to stick better.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

School started today and we weren't there....

Today was the first day of Traditional School in our district. We weren't there.

Instead we....

Completed two pages each in Math U See on their various levels,

Worked on our Operation English Grammar lapbook - Nouns today,

Worked on our Note/lapbook for Apologia's Flying Creatures of the 5th Day,

Learned about Dinosaurs with Mystery of History Vol I. (I must have the only boys on the planet who could care less about dinosaurs)

We finished the day at TEACCH. It was Tommy's last group meeting. He has loved his social group meetings and I'm sad to see it end. I love working with the TEACCH staff and I'm attending a conference there next month. Also Matthew's social group will come up soon and after his it will be Cole's turn again.

Speaking of Cole he has dental surgery Friday and I'm trying not to panic. He's had it before when he was younger and had NO problems. I've seen the x-rays and I know it's needed. Braces and Cole would be a nightmare of epic proportions.

We have Doctor appointments the rest of the week so I hope to blog more next week.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Busy, busy week

So much for being able to stay on schedule! The older two have testing this week and Tommy is still going to his TEACCH group on Tuesday mornings. We get some things done ever now and then but it's been very hard to stick to any sort of routine.

Hopefully I can get back on track next week because the only appointments are in the afternoon.

I did more work on the portable circle time. It is ready to go next week. The boys seem to like it. I got their mini offices and a writing office done as well.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Portable Circle Time idea borrowed from Wayzley Academy

One of my favorite blogs is Wayzley Academy. Allison has such great ideas and she and the kids have loads of fun. I saw her 'Portable Circle Time' post a couple of weeks ago and thought it was a great idea.

So I brainstormed and came up with a version for my visual learners. We're trying to teach them Spanish as a second language. I'll post updated pictures as I finish it but here it is so far. Click on a picture for a closer look.

Starting a new blog

This is only the second blog I've started. I couldn't figure out the first one and might not be able to figure out this one - LOL. I hope to be able to keep a record of our school year. I'll try to get some pictures up this week.